Thermodul Skirting Board Heating

Thermodul Cutaway Diagram

Thermodul skirting board heating is a stylish, efficient and eco-friendly skirting board heating system that produces mainly radiated heat, the most natural and efficient form of heat.

Available in water, electric and dual fuel (water & electric) versions, it’s the ideal solution to banish ugly radiators and heat your property more comfortably.

Advantages of Thermodul Skirting Heating:

  • Evenly distributed heat – set your thermostat 1-2° C lower for the same feeling of comfort
  • Responsive – low thermal inertia means desired temperature is reached quickly
  • Energy efficient – less water to heat, so 30-40% cost savings achievable
  • Proven product – Thermodul is still working in installations over 20 years after fitting.
  • Eco-friendly – use with a variety of renewable heat sources
  • Healthy – greatly reduced microdust and bacteria
  • Helps fight condensation and mould on walls
  • Retrofit – simple installation easily combines with existing heating systems
  • Integrate with underfloor heating (UFH) to heat upstairs rooms
  • Electric version available – no boiler required
  • Uses standard soldered plumbing components
  • Available in any RAL colour
  • Stylish Italian design – get rid of radiators and free up wall space!