6 Reasons to Use Skirting Heating in Your Home

Thermodul skirting board heating has many advantages over conventional heating systems, and the main benefits are outlined below:

1. Comfort

If your property is heated by traditional radiators, each room will have warmer areas near the radiators, and colder areas as you move further away. Thermodul skirting heating radiates heat around the perimeter of your room from a low level, providing even heat distribution with a heating effect similar to underfloor heating. The skirting heating system is extremely responsive, meaning it heats the room quickly to the desired temperature.

2. Energy Efficient

Our skirting heating contains only 20% of the water in a traditional radiator, which means less water to heat. In addition, because of the even heat distribution around the room the thermostat can be set 1-2° C lower for the same feeling of comfort. Installing Thermodul can provide up to 30-40% energy savings.

3. Eco-Friendly

The energy efficient features of Thermodul make it an eco-friendly form of heating that can be used with a variety of renewable heat sources. Connect our water version to a ground source heat pump and you can expect a heat output of 76 watts per metre at ΔT 30°C. We also supply a dual fuel version of Thermodul which uses two energy sources. This means solar PV could be used to power the electrical system during the daytime, switching to a boiler system to heat the water system as solar power becomes unavailable in the evening.

4. Health & Safety

Reduced convective air movement means that the no microdust and bacteria is raised, and the relative humidity of the air is kept constant. Thermodul heats the surface of the walls which helps reduce condensation and keep them mould free.

The surface temperature of the skirting fascia is lower than that of a conventional radiator, and can be limited further by reducing the flow temperature of the water or by using a surface temperature probe thermostat. This makes it suitable for use in situations where scalding and burns are a consideration. In addition, the low physical profile of Thermodul greatly reduces the danger of injury from falls against it.

5. Ease of Installation

Thermodul skirting heating is simple to install for any competent heating engineer (water version) or electrician (electric version), and we’ve even had a few DIYers fit it successfully! It’s suitable for new builds or retrofit, and can be seamlessly added to existing heating systems. We even provide various configurations for non-standard installations. Thermodul is a proven product and is still working in installations over 20 years after fitting.

6. Stylish

With its stylish and compact Italian design, Thermodul skirting heating means you can get rid of ugly radiators and free up wall space. Furniture can be placed up against Thermodul without any risk of damage or detriment to the heating effect (if a 10mm gap is left).

Thermodul stands only 137mm high and 29mm deep. Available in 3 colours as standard (white, silver and dark bronze), a variety of wood finishes and any RAL colour to order. There is even a remote controlled LED lighting kit to transform your skirting into a lighting feature.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of Thermodul skirting heating for your project, please contact us for more information or a free, no obligation quotation.