6 Reasons to Use Skirting Heating in Your Home

Thermodul skirting board heating has many advantages over conventional heating systems, and the main benefits are outlined below:

1. Comfort

If your property is heated by traditional radiators, each room will have warmer areas near the radiators, and colder areas as you move further away. Thermodul skirting heating radiates heat around the perimeter of your room from a low level, providing even heat distribution with a heating effect similar to underfloor heating. The skirting heating system is extremely responsive, meaning it heats the room quickly to the desired temperature.

2. Energy Efficient

Our skirting heating contains only 20% of the water in a traditional radiator, which means less water to heat. In addition, because of the even heat distribution around the room the thermostat can be set 1-2° C lower for the same feeling of comfort. Installing Thermodul can provide up to 30-40% energy savings.

3. Eco-Friendly

The energy efficient features of Thermodul make it an eco-friendly form of heating that can be used with a variety of renewable heat sources. Connect our water version to a ground source heat pump and you can expect a heat output of 76 watts per metre at ΔT 30°C. We also supply a dual fuel version of Thermodul which uses two energy sources. This means solar PV could be used to power the electrical system during the daytime, switching to a boiler system to heat the water system as solar power becomes unavailable in the evening.

4. Health & Safety

Reduced convective air movement means that the no microdust and bacteria is raised, and the relative humidity of the air is kept constant. Thermodul heats the surface of the walls which helps reduce condensation and keep them mould free.

The surface temperature of the skirting fascia is lower than that of a conventional radiator, and can be limited further by reducing the flow temperature of the water or by using a surface temperature probe thermostat. This makes it suitable for use in situations where scalding and burns are a consideration. In addition, the low physical profile of Thermodul greatly reduces the danger of injury from falls against it.

5. Ease of Installation

Thermodul skirting heating is simple to install for any competent heating engineer (water version) or electrician (electric version), and we’ve even had a few DIYers fit it successfully! It’s suitable for new builds or retrofit, and can be seamlessly added to existing heating systems. We even provide various configurations for non-standard installations. Thermodul is a proven product and is still working in installations over 20 years after fitting.

6. Stylish

With its stylish and compact Italian design, Thermodul skirting heating means you can get rid of ugly radiators and free up wall space. Furniture can be placed up against Thermodul without any risk of damage or detriment to the heating effect (if a 10mm gap is left).

Thermodul stands only 137mm high and 29mm deep. Available in 3 colours as standard (white, silver and dark bronze), a variety of wood finishes and any RAL colour to order. There is even a remote controlled LED lighting kit to transform your skirting into a lighting feature.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of Thermodul skirting heating for your project, please contact us for more information or a free, no obligation quotation.

Skirting Heaters – an alternative to Radiators and Underfloor Heating

Have you considered skirting heaters as an alternative to radiators and underfloor heating?

Most homes in the UK use radiators or underfloor heating to heat their rooms. Radiators are often unsightly, and as the heat is emitted from one point in the room, cold spots occur (check out our article comparing Thermodul to radiators). Underfloor heating is expensive to install, and slow to warm up/cool down.

An alternative to radiators and UFH is Thermodul Skirting Heaters. A sleek Italian design which frees up wall space, Thermodul is a heated skirting board that radiates heat around the perimeter of the room giving a feeling of comfort similar to that of under floor heating, but is much more responsive.

In addition, because of the lower operating temperature and reduced amount of water to heat in the system, energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved.

Thermodul can easily be retrofitted to a house using existing pipework, or incorporated into a new build. There’s even an electrical version for situations where a hot water boiler is not feasible, and our dual fuel system (water & electrical) is an ideal match for renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and solar PV.

Thermodul skirting heaters can be fitted in all rooms, and even in conservatories and as kickboard heating in kitchens.

If you’d like to find out more, or would like us to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate for your project please contact us.

Thermodul vs Thermaskirt® – Skirting Heating Systems Compared

There are several skirting board heating systems available on the UK market, and the most well know is probably Thermaskirt®. We are often asked about the differences between Thermodul and Thermaskirt®, and so by the end of this article you should have enough information to make an informed decision as to which product will best suit your needs. Although Thermaskirt® is available in several profiles, for the purpose of this comparison we will look at their most popular Urban LT water model.


Thermodul skirting heating is designed manufactured in Italy by HEKOS. The company has over 30 years experience in efficient heating systems, and Thermodul is still working in installation over 20 years after fitting. The product achieved EN442 certification in 1998. We have been supplying Thermodul in the UK to both domestic and commercial customers since 2009.

Thermaskirt® is invented and manufactured by Discrete Heat Co. Ltd, and since it’s appearance on BBC’s Dragons Den in 2008 the company claim to have supplied over 20,000 domestic systems. They also work with the NHS and several housing developers.


Although Thermodul and Thermaskirt® are both skirting heating systems, their design is quite different.

Thermodul Cutaway DiagramThermodul consists of a twin copper pipe heating core with aluminium fins, and an extruded aluminium clip on cover makes cleaning and access for maintenance an easy task. A small air gap top and bottom allows air to pass over the core, and the system works on a combination of radiation and convection.

Thermaskirt® is a patented aluminium profile with water pipes moulded into the back, allowing heat from the warm water to radiate. The system also incorporates a top edge seal to allow decorating, and some models have a removeable cover to hide cables.


Thermodul is available in one profile, and its stylish Italian design works equally well in domestic or commercial applications. The profile is 137mm high, and 29mm deep.

Thermaskirt® is available in eight different profiles depending on your preference. The Urban LT is suitable for properties built after 1919, and is 150mm high, and 20mm deep.


Thermodul is available in 3 standard colours, White RAL 9010, Dark Bronze and Natural Oxidised Silver. It’s also available many wood, metal and stone finishes, as well as any RAL colour to custom order. Check out our colours and finishes section.

Thermaskirt® Urban LT is available in Cricket White, Vintage Ivory and Carbon Black.

Heat Output

As you can see from the figures below, Thermodul and Thermaskirt® Urban LT have virtually the same heat output per linear metre.

Thermodul – ΔT=50K (tested to EN442-1 & EN442-2): 146.4 W/metre

Thermaskirt® Urban LT – ΔT=50K (BSRIA Test Data to BSEN 442-1): 149 W/metre

Also, Thermodul profiles interlock and can be mounted double or even triple height to provide additional heat per linear m.


Thermodul installation is a straightforward job for any competent heating engineer (and even DIYer) using standard 15mm compression or soldered plumbing connectors available at any plumbers merchants. The cover and heating core can easily be cut to length or joined on site for a seamless installation, and internal and external corners and end caps are available for a neat finish.

In addition, Thermodul can be installed in various configurations for situations such as floor to ceiling windows, kitchen plinths, around doorways and double height for larger thermal needs.

Thermaskirt® will arrange installation either themselves or using one of their approved installers. Each section is joined using their own push fit connectors and valves.


This article has highlighted the key differences (and similarities!) between Thermodul and Thermaskirt®, and if you’re considering skirting heating for your project you should now have a good idea of what’s available.

If you need more information please contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions or provide a free no obligation quotation.

Skirting Board Heating vs Radiators

Thermodul skirting heating

We’re often asked how Thermodul differs from radiators, so read on to find out the advantages of fitting our water version of skirting heating.


Thermodul skirting heating is designed and manufactured in Italy. It can basically be thought of as a long, thin radiator mounted at skirting level. Thermodul can be connected to your existing central heating system using the same flow and return pipes your current radiators use – all with standard 15mm soldered plumbing connectors.

Free Up Wall Space

Radiators are often positioned in inconvenient places making placement of furniture difficult. How many times have you been in a house where the radiator is behind a sofa? With Thermodul you can place your furniture wherever you like without any impact on the room heating, and without damaging your favourite sideboard.

Heat Distribution

Does your room suffer from cold spots? If you have one or two radiators as heat sources, the room will be colder the farther you are from the radiator. Thermodul distributes heat evenly around your room, giving a feeling similar to under floor heating. This also means you set your thermostat 1-2° C lower for the same feeling of comfort, saving money.


Because of the even heat distribution and lower volume of water in a skirting heating system, you will find the heating of the room to be far more responsive (on and off) than a standard radiator.


There is denying that Thermodul is more expensive to buy than a radiator from B&Q. However, installation costs should not be much more than a radiator if using existing flow and return pipes, and certainly much easier and cheaper than retro fitting underfloor heating. Ongoing there will be cost savings as the system is more responsive and can be run at a lower temperature than radiators. Thermodul also works well with heat pumps, providing an efficient, eco friendly method to heat your property


Hopefully this article has outlined the advantages of skirting heating over traditional radiators. If you’ve any questions please visit our FAQs, or get in touch.