How Much Thermodul Do I Need?

It’s fairly straightforward to work out how much Thermodul you will need for a room. It’s a good idea to Download water installation instructions (1.25MB PDF) or Download electric installation instructions (754KB PDF) to get an idea of how it all goes together.


1. Work out the heat loss for your room

It’s important to know how much power output you need to adequately heat your room, which you can easily do by working out the heat loss.

Click here to calculate the heat loss of your room:

Make a note of the WATTS REQUIRED for each room.

2. Calculate how much Thermodul you will need:

For the water system:

Take the WATTS REQUIRED value for the room and divide it by the power output per metre of Thermodul. For boilers use 146W/m and for heat pumps use 75W/m.

Length of Thermodul reqd. = 1400W / 146=9.58m

We recommend multiplying the result by 1.3 to ensure you have enough, so:

Total Thermodul reqd.=9.58m x 1.3 = 12.45m

For the electric system:

Electric elements are available in different lengths with different heat outputs:

2060mm / 400W
1560mm / 300W
1060mm / 200W
560mm / 150W

If the WATTS REQUIRED for your room is 1400W, we recommend giving yourself a bit extra by multiplying by 1.3, so:

1400W x 1.3 = 1820W

This means you’ll need a combination of the electric elements listed above to make up about 1800W,

E.g. 1800W = 3 x 400W elements and 2 x 300W elements + sufficient skirting furnishing for them to fit behind. (Ensure you allow 10cm between each element for terminating wiring).

3. Plan where you want to fit your skirting heating

Based on your calculations above, work out where you’d like to fit your skirting heating. It’s a good idea to mark-up on a floorplan or sketch plan.

Please bear in mind:

  • We recommend fitting to outside walls where possible.
  • Thermodul furnishing and water heating core can be cut to size or joined together on-site

    TIP: You can buy empty skirting furnishing without heating elements to make up extra bits of a wall, or walls where you don’t require heating.

4. Select any additional parts

You’re likely to need some additional parts like end caps for a neat finish against door architraves, or corners to get round 90° bends.

You’ll also need:

For the water system:

You’ll need a 180° Return Elbow to join the flow to the return on each run.

Consider our pre-formed 90° Elbows for pipework around corners.

If you use our 180° or 90° Elbows you’ll need our 14/15mm reducer compression fittings. 2 for each 180° Elbow, 4 for each pair of 90° Elbows. (Lengths of heating core can be joined with 15mm compression fittings available in plumbers merchants).

For the electric system:

Wiring will need to be held in place with cable trunking available in 2.5m lengths.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.