Thermodul Installation Variations

Horizontal Double Strip Option

Thermodul Double Horizontal Installation

An ideal skirting heating solution to satisfy larger thermal needs in larger spaces, E.g. churches, gyms, schools or environments where the the wall space is not sufficient to satisfy the heating needs with a single strip installation. Heat output is double that of the conventional installation.

It is advised, where possible, to separately feed the two strips.

Download Download horizontal double strip installation instructions (1.46MB PDF)

Vertical Double Strip Option

Thermodul Vertical Double Strip Installation

An elegant solution of heated columns, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where wall space at skirting level is at a premium. It can be also be used around doorways.



Two Faring Option

Thermodul 2 Faring Option

This solution is used cases where it is not possible to fix the system directly to the wall (e.g. large windows and other similar situations). Instead it is fixed to the floor, and gives double the heat output per metre. If the electrical version is used the solution can include ducted cable.

Download Download two faring installation instructions (1.2MB PDF)

Built In

Thermodul Built In Installation

If installed recessed into the wall, Thermodul can be inset up to 2 cm. depth without affecting its functionality and heat output (masonry walls, gypsum board or officewall units, dry walls). Also an option for kitchen plinth heating.

Thermodul was recently featured in a kitchen installation in Real Homes Magazine.
Read the article 
(1MB PDF).

Curved Skirting Heating

Thermodul Curved Installation

Thermodul can satisfy the most demanding of architectural situations because the profiles can be curved to a minimum radius of 1 metre. The system can be bent on site if there curve is not too acute. Generally we supply the curve from the factory upon receipt of the correct radius.