Thermodul Technical Specifications

Water Version

Thermodul is approved to EN442-1 and -2 for water based heating systems and meets the requirements of the 89/106/EEC directive.

Materials Furnishing element in aluminium, heating core with supply and return copper piping external diameter 14.7 mm. thickness 0.6 mm, heating fins aluminium
Dimensions Height 137mm, width 29mm
Water capacity 0.29 litres/metre
ΔT=50K (tested to EN442-1 & EN442-2 at Politecnico di Milano) Thermal output of the tested model: 146.4W/metre
Maximum length per single circuit 20 m. Beyond 20m it is important to evaluate the pressure head loss and return temperature.

Water Version Heat Output

The table below shows the thermal emission per linear meter with respect to the difference in average temperature between the water circulating throughout your central heating system and the room temperature. For a standard condensing boiler we recommend using ΔT 50°C.

ΔT(°C) 30 35 40 45 50 55 60
Output Power in Watt/metre 75.5 92.2 109.7 127.7 146.4 165.7 185.5
Output in Btu/hr/metre 258 315 374 436 500 565 633


EN442 Test Data

Tests at the Politecnico di Milano show just how evenly Thermodul distributes heat around a room.

Download Download water version installation instructions (1.25MB PDF)

Electrical Version

The electrical version of Thermodul Skirting Heating meets the requirements of the 89/106/EEC directive.

The electrical version outputs 200w per metre.

Heating elements are composed of aluminium containing various powered armoured resistors depending on length.

Electrical connection example:

Electrical Connection Example

Download Download electric version installation instructions (754KB PDF)