Water Thermodul Skirting Heating

Thermodul Cutaway DiagramTechnical Specification

Designed for maximum efficiency, every detail of Thermodul skirting heating has been optimised to ensure the highest output and optimal heat distribution. Aluminum fins surrounding the copper supply and return pipes are sprayed with highly emissive paint.

The heating core comes in 2.5 metre lengths and can be connected using standard 15mm soldered plumbing components.

Efficient, Healthy & Eco-friendly

By reducing convective movement the air never becomes too dry and no dust and bacteria is raised. The walls are heated, therefore remaining dry and mould free.

As well as connecting to traditional boilers it is also ideal for use with renewable energy sources where the supply temperature is low such as air to water and geo-thermal heat pumps, solar and condensing boilers or high temperature systems such as biomass boilers.

Easy Installation

The water version of the Thermodul skirting heating system works with any type of thermal generator (gas/oil boiler, solar panel, heat pumps, geothermal,etc). It is ideal for both new and old buildings as it does not require any major structural work. Thermodul can substitute or be integrated with existing radiators or other heating system allowing the maximum use of available space.

Download Download installation instructions (1.25MB PDF)